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Gite du mont albert concours

But just as the mont Appalachian Mountains continue north into Canada, the International Appalachian Trail follows those mountains north, right into Quebec.
Snow sports are a rapidly growing part of the park's visitors as the word gets out about Gaspesie.
We're above 4,000 feet here, serious elevation anywhere in the Appalachian range.We quickly gain altitude as we pick our way along the rough trail, where the trees of the stunted fir and spruce forest rapidly diminish in size, soon thinning out altogether.From Quebec City, an hour and a half flight to the small airstrip at Mont-Joli, about halfway out on the Gaspe Peninsula, put me within driving distance of Gaspesie National Park.The Sentiers International des Appalaches, here the storied "AT" becomes the "SIA." Quebec is of course the heart of French Canada, so the International Appalachian Trail is known in the province by its French moniker: the Sentiers International des Appalaches.One of the joys albert of hiking in Gaspesie is the variety of terrain.Any outing through this surprisingly wild landscape at the "forgotten" end of the Appalachian Trail is going to be a good one. Lawrence to the highest densities of moose outside of Alaska-even the last herd of caribou outside the Arctic.
Inside the park, overnight options are limited gite to either the established camps or the huts.
Lire l'article dinspiration, offres de dernière minute, envie de sortir de la routine?This impressive glacier-carved cirque, holding it's namesake lake, reveals the Ice Age geologic forces that carved this impressive landscape.I chose to stay in one of the newly built cabins on the periphery of the lodge property, which would have comfortably held a family of six, but dined well that evening on the great seafood of the region in the big, formal dining room.The view of lakes and forest-covered mountains was framed by a blue sky and the deep blue water of the distant.We removed our parkas and hiked on in perfect conditions, even though the trail remains rough, skirting the summit of Mont Comte on the south flank before dropping back down into the deep forest.It's run along the crest of the spectacular Chic-Choc Mountains makes for a dramatic finish to one of the world's great hiking routes.The solitude we encountered concours here, combined with the ever-changing terrain, makes this perhaps the most interesting section of the entire hike.We had the wild landscape to ourselves, as most of the others hikers were making the day trip to the summit of Jacques-Cartier, and return via the same route.We followed the trail through bigger lowland timber down to Lac aux Americains.Despite the fact it was the height of summer-mid August-the winds at tree line took on a frigid ferocity, cutting through our fleece with alarming force.For the local First Nation people, this was "the place where the land ends.".

Anne des Monts, less than an hour away, is less expensive and can be more easily done on shorter notice.
All of that makes it a little hard to believe you're actually gite on the Appalachian Trail.